Driving digital transformation through effective End User Services

Driving Digital Transformation through Effective End User Services
The ability to meet the changing needs of the workforce is critical to long-term business success. Many organisations are looking to transform their digital infrastructure to enable this. Chris Arthur, Operations Director at Proservia, discusses how outsourced End User Services can support:

Employees are redefining their relationship with their employer. They recognise it’s likely they will be in the workforce for longer than previous generations, so they want to do so on their own terms.

These days, employees want regular change, new challenges and advancement. They don’t necessarily believe they need to be sitting at their desks to get their work done; they often want more flexibility in when, where and how they work. And they’re more open to non-traditional forms of employment – like freelancing, gig work, or portfolio careers with multiple jobs. The world of work is rapidly changing, and 65% of the jobs Gen Z will perform do not even exist yet.

Organisations that facilitate new ways of working will find that they’re better able to attract and retain in-demand talent in the future. However, to do this, significant investment in digital services is usually required.

To work remotely, employees need to be equipped with the right devices, applications and system permissions, in a manner that’s iron clad from a security perspective. To work more flexibly in terms of working hours, IT support needs to be available 24/7 to mitigate downtime due to technical issues. And to work in non-traditional forms of employment, the right technology needs to be in place so employees can be properly managed and optimised from a HR perspective.

Shifting employee expectations

Organisations that invest in their IT infrastructure and support functions will find that they’re better able to meet the needs and demands of their employees. This will benefit employee retention and productivity – and it can also positively impact employees’ ability to serve customers. After all, with the right systems and support in place, they can deliver the flexible, multi-channel, 24/7 support that customers now expect.

Digital transformation is as much about people as it is about technology. Consequently, businesses recognise that they need to reshape their IT departments from a workforce perspective, so their teams are able to deliver large-scale, strategic innovations that are required to meet employee expectations. After all, while their existing team may not have any issue in maintaining, installing and troubleshooting IT systems, high-level tech innovation is often much more testing. Employers need to review their workforce strategy to ensure they have access to the talent and resources required to drive digital transformation.

One solution: End User Services

As a result, many organisations are enlisting the support of an End User Services (EUS) provider, such as Proservia – the dedicated infrastructure management and end user support division of ManpowerGroup Solutions. In essence, an End User Services provider like Proservia can help to transform IT service delivery in two ways: HR on one hand, technology on the other.

From a HR perspective, End User Service providers can supplement an existing IT workforce, provide the resource needed to transform it, or deliver entire outsourced tasks and projects on an organisation’s behalf. They can step in to manage end user requirements when your core workforce is unable to (for example, during peak demand periods or overnight), or they can take on full responsibility for an entire IT function on their client’s behalf.

This allows employers to be more flexible in when, where and how the core workforce operates, while being reassured that the needs of customers will still be met. And, as this is charged on an output-basis, it ensures high productivity alongside mitigating unnecessary spend. Outsourcing some, or entire, IT functions in this way also gives more scope for the core team to focus on more strategic priorities, whilst ensuring day-to-day business requirements are achieved.

From a technology perspective, End User Service providers like Proservia can give organisations access to the talented resource required to build new technologies. This can be delivered on a project or output basis.

These consultants, architects and engineers will design robust, agile and resilient IT infrastructures that meet your current and future digital requirements. Certified by leading software and hardware manufacturers, they can quickly, seamlessly and consistently integrate your business applications, systems and innovations in line with your goals – at no point impacting on your organisational productivity or user satisfaction.

A future-proofed approach

At Proservia, we’re proud to help organisations transform and win, by providing innovative workforce solutions for a fast-changing world of work. Through the delivery of effective End User Services, we ensure IT departments have all the technical components and people practices required to be successful right now and in the future, through flexible solutions that provide access to emerging skills and talent.

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This article first appeared in the seventh edition of The Human Age Newspaper.