Combining tailored career advice with market-leading technology

Combining Tailored Career Advice with Market-Leading Technology
Right Management has launched RightEverywhere®, a cloud-based career development platform that supports the firm’s one-to-one candidate coaching experience.

This new, upgraded digital platform helps individuals take the next step on their career journey – whether that’s back to school, starting a business or landing that next great job.

RightEverywhere anticipates the fast-growing demand for innovative technological solutions to career development. It delivers a suite of carefully curated best-in-class tools and services tailored to both individual and company needs.

With easy-to-use new features that are all fully mobile enabled, users can create a personal website, practice interview techniques, and be matched with better jobs that accelerate their career paths. This is all possible through the use of advanced artificial intelligence technology.

Balancing high-tech innovation with career expertise

With RightEverywhere, we balance high-tech industry-leading innovation with bespoke, expert advice and coaching. We collect more data on the way companies and individuals develop their workforce and careers than anyone else in the market, and we’ve used this insight to create a best-in-class, dynamic platform that is continually evolving to anticipate user demand.

Our platform is informed by artificial intelligence and proprietary technology, to ensure that we always deliver a tailored experience. We help people learn, apply and adapt to skills needs of the future, so they can achieve their next career move.

As the most comprehensive platform on the market, RightEverywhere provides ubiquitous applications and services to businesses across the world. It offers a standardised method of delivering best-in-class outplacement, career management and talent development that can be tailored to local needs.

It is a revolutionary new platform that allows employees to take ownership of their careers and accelerate them, while matching their employer’s ambitions at the same time.

It’s never been more important to learn, adapt and apply new skills for roles of the future, and RightEverywhere allows individuals and organisations to do just that. It helps people nurture their desire and ability to learn, and prepares individuals for the roles of the future.

RightEverywhere’s key features

These include:

  • Self-discovery and aptitude testing – A collection of the world’s best assessments designed to: find out what makes individuals tick, identify key strengths, and pinpoint personal and professional priorities
  • Career planning – Proven methodology and tools to help create a career map that meets career goals
  • Personal branding – Tools to help people showcase skills and abilities in the best possible light: how to create best-in-class CVs, the opportunity to practice interviews and create personal websites
  • Close the deal – Interviewing and negotiating tips to help you earn more and get ahead
  • Leader development – For those who have got what it takes to lead, this tool identifies those traits and helps to take them to the next level.

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This article first appeared in the sixth edition of The Human Age newspaper.