UK Leadership Team

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Meet the members of Manpower's Leadership Team, made up of experts who create innovative strategies that ensure ManpowerGroup remains at the forefront of employment services and workforce solutions that drive success for everyone who works with us.

  • Mark Cahill

    Mark Cahill

    Managing Director of ManpowerGroup UK

    Mark Cahill is the Managing Director of ManpowerGroup in the UK and is a Regional Managing Director of ManpowerGroup EMEA.

    As Managing Director, Mark is responsible for the UK's conception and delivery of industry-leading employment services that enable ManpowerGroup's clients and candidates to win in the changing world of work.

    Mark's inclusive and collaborative approach has become a trademark of his leadership style in the company. He established a new Board in 2005, surrounding himself with talented and driven colleagues who each contribute an individual specialism and valuable perspective which is vital to the continued success of the business.

    Under Mark's tenure, ManpowerGroup's UK business strategy has undergone a significant transformation, refocusing on entrepreneurial innovation and adapting to client's ever-changing needs. Mark and the Board work closely to align strategic client teams, provide strong leadership across the business, and prioritise training and development in each of the 200 UK offices.

    In his capacity as Managing Director, Mark performs an advisory role influencing government and agency bodies, and regularly contributes to industry-wide discussions. As labour markets around the world continually evolve and develop, Mark and the Board will continue work to help shape the labour market in the UK and identify the skills necessary to sustain the economy.

  • James Hick

    James Hick

    Managing Director of ManpowerGroup Solutions

    As Managing Director of ManpowerGroup Solutions, James is accountable for designing and delivering outcome-based talent driven solutions, including Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), TAPFIN Managed Service Provider (MSP), Talent Based Outsourcing (TBO), Borderless Talent Solutions (BTS) and Strategic Workforce Consulting (SWC). He is also responsible for ManpowerGroup's Sales and Marketing activity.

    Previous roles include Director of Business Development, responsible for managing 18 identified central sales customers, as well as being responsible for ManpowerGroup's IBM EMEA relationship.

  • Damian Whitham

    Damian Whitham

    Commercial Director of ManpowerGroup

    Damian joined ManpowerGroup in July 2005 and has overall responsibility for Finance, HR, IT, Commercial and Legal and Property. Damian is a qualified accountant, having spent more than eight years at former accountancy firm Arthur Andersen in their London office.

    Damian joined the group from Energis which he joined as Commercial Finance Director before moving on to perform a number of different roles within finance and sales. Prior to Energis, Damian spent four years at Vodafone in a variety of financial, commercial and operational roles.

  • Jason Greaves

    Jason Greaves

    Operations Director

    Jason Greaves is an Operations Director and member of the Board at Manpower UK.

    Jason joined Manpower UK in 1999 and was invited to join the Board as an Operations Director in 2007. He is responsible for driving the strategic development of the commercial staffing business, as well as overseeing the daily operational delivery of Manpower's 80 UK commercial branches. This enables him to share knowledge and valuable insights on trends emerging from the high street with his colleagues on the Board.

    Jason has over 10 years experience working in a variety of roles within Manpower. Jason started as Temporaries Consultant in the Newcastle branch and has also experienced running a Permanent Placement desk. He then had a variety of roles from Branch Manager to National Sales Manager, Strategic Client Manager to Operation Manager until becoming Operations Director 2 years ago. Jason has built a wealth of knowledge that allows him to advise on and deliver complete recruitment solutions to Manpower's clients regardless of industry sector or geographical location.

    Jason's ability to develop and lead growth strategies for the commercial branch network coupled with his passion and drive for the industry ensures that the business remains competitive and adaptable in the changing world of work.

  • Hugh Piper

    Hugh Piper

    Operations Director

    Hugh Piper is an Operations Director and member of the Board of Manpower UK.

    Hugh joined Manpower UK in 2000 and was invited to the Board as an Operations Director in 2005. In his current role, Hugh is responsible for the day-to-day operational delivery of innovative, effective and sustainable resourcing solutions for Manpower's strategic clients in the UK.

    With experience as the Director of Manpower Business Solutions, a high value services division of Manpower UK, and having, responsibility for large "on site" delivery, in manufacturing, call centre, outsourcing, and local authorities. Hugh leads a Global workstream in Solution Feasibility and Design, and has the know-how to shape successful client services programmes across both the public and private sectors. This focus on innovative client solutions, feasibility and workstream design means he works closely with heads of business across Manpower to implement new structures, which help clients do things differently reduce costs, and improve productivity.

    Affectionately known as Manpower's 'Flying Scotsman', Hugh's charisma and natural charm, coupled with his determination to always make it happen, have ensured that he is a trusted adviser to many of Manpower's strategic clients.

    Before joining Manpower, Hugh worked for NatWest for over 20 years where he quickly climbed the ranks from his first position of junior cashier to his final position of Head of HR Operations when he was responsible for 65,000 staff across 12 business units.

    A member of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development, Hugh is continuously monitoring industry trends-be they new ways to recruit people, different ways to structure teams or more effective ways to achieve return on investment. He is passionate about taking complicated systems and structures and simplifying them in order to build workable solutions for Manpower's clients.

  • Krissie Davies

    Krissie Davies

    Operations Director

    Krissie Davies is an Operations Director and Board member of Manpower UK. In addition, she is the acting Managing Director of Manpower Ireland.

    Krissie has extensive experience in the recruitment industry, with 20 years experience at both major international organisations and as an independent consultant. In her role as Operations Director, Krissie is responsible for managing and developing strategic client relationships through the delivery of creative solutions.

    Krissie welcomes the challenge of steering successful initiatives in the ever-changing world of work by embracing the culture and brand values, for which Manpower is known and respected. She is passionate about building Manpower as a destination for talent, attracting and developing the best the industry has to offer, and in turn sharing that talent with clients.

    A passionate believer in the culture and brand values of the business, Krissie's natural drive for talent management thrives in the open and honest style of the Board. She has built a team of people with varied and complementary strengths who find solutions to any problem. They provide knowledge to clients that allow them to reach their own business goals regardless of location and industries with the ability to become part of the client team to develop the best possible solution.

  • Chris Arthur

    Chris Arthur

    Operations Director

    Chris Arthur is the Operations Director for Manpower Business Solutions and a member of the Board of Manpower UK.

    In his role as Operations Director, Chris is responsible for providing complete workplace solutions that incorporate staff, property and managed services that run seamlessly alongside client operations.

    Chris has been instrumental in developing on-site managed client contracts, having set up one of the company's first for a high profile manufacturing brand. He identified ways to support and advise clients beyond simply supplying talent, rather taking on elements of their business and consulting on strategy, freeing them up to focus on business activity and targets, instead of resourcing.

    Chris has seen the recruitment landscape change considerably during his 20-year career at Manpower; temporary workforces have become mainstream alternatives for employers; and recruitment companies have become trusted business partners.

    During his career at Manpower, Chris has held positions across the business from Branch Consultant, on-site Client Contract Manager, Branch Manager and has headed up strategic client accounts. In 1996, he became part of the senior management team at Managed Services during a time of significant growth for several strategic clients. His ability to identify and react quickly to client needs has ensured that many of the business' strategic clients consider him to be a trusted advisor.

    Chris is passionate about working in a constantly changing environment where the challenge of developing workplace solutions to make business easier for clients keeps him striving for success.

  • Mark Donnelly

    Mark Donnelly

    Finance Director

    Mark Donnelly is the Financial Director and a Board member of Manpower UK.

    Having joined Manpower in April 2006 as the Financial Controller, Mark was promoted to Financial Director in 2009 where he was given responsibility for all of Manpower UK's accounting activities, including accounts payable and credit control, financial reporting, statutory regulations and financial information systems.

    Mark has driven the implementation of new systems and procedures to ensure financial clarity across Manpower's finance, billing, payroll and credit control departments and to deliver aligned work practices between Manpower operational and finance colleagues.

    His natural ability to navigate complicated numbers has enabled the business to plan and deal with new developments and changing industry conditions with financial stability and security.

    Having worked for 20 years in a number of high level finance roles at companies including Energis and Liberty plc, Mark has adapted his experience to increase financial productivity and accountability at Manpower. Mark works closely with his colleagues on the Board to integrate financial best practice across business units and the 200-strong UK network of branches and client sites.

  • Mark Brennan

    Mark Brennan

    Head of Information Systems

    Mark Brennan is the Head of Information Systems for Manpower UK. He is also the IT Director at Brook Street, one of ManpowerGroup UK's sister companies.

    A 22-year veteran of Manpower, Mark has held roles including analyst, programmer and software developer. His experience has led him to his current position as Head of Information Systems where he ensures that Manpower UK's IT function is supporting the ever-changing needs of the business.

    Mark is driven by his ability to deliver solutions which solve real-world problems for clients. He has shaped Manpower's IT strategy and developed software solutions to support the strategic client network, including creating a completely bespoke software system from scratch.

    Involved in all aspects of the business, Mark contributes to tender activity and customer visits, as well as day-to-day IT solutions and business alignment for Manpower UK. From creating systems for recording time to finance tracking, his team develops practical solutions for clients that are uncomplicated and user-friendly and that do the hard work for them.